environment & ecology

Evolving Landscaping

At Muskotia, we endeavour to create a perennial planting movement to ensure scenic splendor all year round. Situated amidst Oak and Rhododendron, these eco homes are just an extension of the untouched wildscape setting. Various deciduous and temperate moist coniferous trees together with deodar and blue pine make the site a serenely distinctive spot. The area is rich in a variety of Himalayan trees such as Oak, Deodar, Cypress, Walnut, Utis, Putli, Maple, Rhododendron, Ayar and bushes of Ringal. You will also find more exotic species like British Oak, Taxus, Bacata, Exotic Cypress ,Exotic Pine and even a fossil tree Ginko Bilobaare which adds to the mystique of the location. And of course, Muskotia is so full of flowers, herbs and fruits, that the scent of roses and rosemary lingers in the air throughout. Take a stroll along and crunch upon some fresh apple or walnuts. Be a part of nature at Muskotia.

Images of constructions on the site are illustrative and solely for the purpose of concept sharing. No depiction should in any way be construed as actual.