Product details - Muskotias Eco Homes

Prefabricated VILLAS: A sustainable way of construction
Highest quality standards are being meticulously followed in building Muskotia Eco Homes, with special attention to its logs, roof, flooring and fittings. Our homes are built in composite structure by integrating wood and normal brick and mortar. For example, the kitchen and other water exposed areas would be built in brick and mortar,whereas dry areas would be built in wooden logs. This makes the structure highly durable and long-lasting.

Large elements of the villas will be pre-fabricated at production facilities, with only assembly and installation being done onsite. This process saves time and energy, making it environment friendly and resulting in cost savings and pollution free construction.

Eco friendly Practices and Techniques
Structure design efficiency, energy efficiency, water efficiency, materials efficiency, indoor environmental quality enhancement, operations and maintenance optimization and waste and toxics reduction is being sincerely worked upon to create environmentally sustainable green building.

Innovative Design
Muskotia’s eco homes are designed on Passive sunlight, building orientations modification, building insulation, air circulation, etc., will modify the microclimate to a comfortable level so that minimum active heating or cooling is required. A well-insulated as well as well ventilated design will be installed which will remarkably reduce energy consumption and will also be highly comfortable for its inhabitants.

Images of constructions on the site are illustrative and solely for the purpose of concept sharing. No depiction should in any way be construed as actual.