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Freedom is synonymous to living at Muskotia. This beautiful, untouched setting is an artist's canvas, a sportsman's turf and a writer's muse. Let your creative stirrings express themselves fully at Muskotia Retreat.

Beautiful Kilbury forest is a photographer's paradise. The beautiful and changing landscape, different birds, flora and fauna through the year will call you to Muskotia many times over to capture this scenic splendour in the lens of your camera! It is indeed fertile ground for creative expression.

Birdwatching or birding
is one of the best recreational activities at Kilbury forest. At Kilbury it can be done with the naked eye or with help of visual enhancement device like binoculars and telescopes, or by listening for bird sounds. Birding often involves a significant auditory component, as many bird species are more easily detected and identified by ear than by eye. Kilbury forest and Muskotia Retreat is a treat for ornithologists given the huge range of diverse birds found in the area.

Mountain biking
Experience the thrill and adventure of Mountain biking on a meandering track through the great dense forest of pine, oak and chestnut. Bring over your mountain bike and go exploring by yourself.

Nature walks and picnics
A walk through the forest cover surrounding Muskotia retreat and outside gives you an opportunity to trail through forest filled with several species of resident and migratory birds and wild life. Nature walks will bring you close to experience the wild flora in this area.

Butterfly Garden
Kilbury forest has an estimated 200 species of butterflies and 1000 species of moths. Here you will find the world's smallest butterfly along with other interesting varieties such as the oak butterfly, atlas moth and peacock butterfly. Observing this beautiful creature and its variation is itself a visual delight. An attempt is being made near the Muskotia site (not part of Muskotia project) to establish a self-regenerating ecosystem of butterfly attractants in the open to attract and augment the butterfly population. The garden is being developed in association with one of the top authorities on Butterfly and moths in India. This butterfly garden when ready would be available for visit by residential occupants at Muskotia Retreat. 

Someone has rightly said that a flower has a similar power as the eyes of a woman which can express the deepest emotion without uttering a single word. Amidst the beautiful wildscape of Muskotia and the surrounding Kilbury forest, one can experience an amazing variety of beautiful flowers.
The unique wildscape setting of Muskotia is being created using locally available plants. Here, one can truly experience the diversity of indigenous flora of the Himalayas. Our team of gardeners under the supervision of our Horticulturist have already collected and propagated a good stock of native plants in the open and our own polyhouse.

Common activity Lounge
This would be within the Muskotia retreat complex and offer various activities like Music, small but selected library, a pool and a carom table, a Karoke system for the ones who love to try out there vocal chords. On top of the lounge would be a Sun deck for the people who love indulging in Sun bathing. Possibility of a SPA with selected offering is being actively explored which would be only available for the residents of Muskotia Retreat.

Images of constructions on the site are illustrative and solely for the purpose of concept sharing. No depiction should in any way be construed as actual.