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Birds & Butterflies

Wake up to the melodic chirping of birds at the crack of dawn. Kilbury is a bird watchers paradise and home to over 580 species of birds! One can spot the finest migratory birds as they make their way from the high mountain to lower ranges to escape the harsh winters. The majestic Mountain Hawk eagle, the blue- throated fly catcher, Himalayan blue whistling thrush, Himalayan barbet, yellow billed and red billed blue magpies, lammergeyer, Himalayan griffon, blue wingedminia, spotted and slaty backed forktail and many more beautiful birds are found in Kilbury.

As for butterflies, Kilbury has an estimated 150 species of butterflies and 1200 species of moths. Many of these breed in the area, but some are migrants who merely pass through the area. At Muskotia, we attempt to establish a self regenerating ecosystem of butterfly attractants, so that butterflies will find something here throughout the year. The Atlas moth- females which are the largest insects in the world measuring up to 12 inches wingspan are commonly found in the area in months of ‘July and August'. Gonepteryxrhamni (Brimstone), Campyloteshistrionicus and many more exist in the range and can be sighted in different seasons.

There is an on-going effort to establish a butterfly garden and an open bird park in and around Muskotia. Just imagine the excitement of spotting a lovely exotic bird on the branch of a tree and yet another one as you walk around. The thrill of spotting colourful butterflies and much more awaits for you at Muskotia

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